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Do you have dreams for your lifestyle now or during retirement?  Whether you’re 40, 60, 80 or somewhere in between, you probably have questions about how to arrange the circumstances of your life so that you can lead the life you want to live.

As we approach the middle years of life (ages 50-70), our circumstances change.  Children have grown up and left home, our own school or mortgage debts may be close or completely repaid, and we may be considering a change in career or living environment.  Now that our early life goals have been accomplished or nearly so, it is time to set new goals for ourselves.  What did you wish for or dream about while you’ve been faithfully working and raising a family?  Are there new interests or hobbies you’d like to pursue? Would you like to spend winters somewhere warm?  

As you adjust to the changes in family, work, and play that mid-life brings, you will make plans about what you want to do, where you want to live, and with whom you want to spend your time.  While making your mid-life plans, it is also a good time to review your estate planning.  Don’t let the legal words fool you – Estate planning is simply a set of instructions you leave for others after you pass.  These instructions tell your family members what you want done with the things you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating.  No matter what you have as you end your life, you probably have an idea about to whom you’d like to give certain things, or how you’d like assets split among family members.  A little planning about the end of life while you’re creating a rich and adventure-filled mid-life will go a long way in reassuring you that no matter what happens along the way, you’ve got a plan with a clear set of instructions for any eventuality.


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